The IgniteBusiness solution is made up of the following lead-in plans IgniteSite v2, IgniteStore, IgniteMarketing and IgniteLeads.

In addition, you get access to Web Apps framework, Bookings and POP email.

Features Exclusive to IgniteBusiness Solution

Web Apps

  • A framework to create any type of content, e.g. job listings, real-estate listing, a car catalogue etc using a point-n-click approach
  • Create any number of web apps (web applications)
  • Use various modules to easily publish web apps on your website, e.g. all web apps, latest web apps, random web app, web apps within a classification and so forth
  • Allow customers to search within any web app on your site. The system will generate a search form that matches the schema of your web app.
  • Allow customers to submit, edit and delete web app items via your website. Optionally you can be notified when they do.
  • Make any web app item secure
  • Easily share and syndicate any web app items using RSS
  • Allow customers to submit comments on any web app item
  • Report on web apps and drill down to see item usage
  • For faster management use Import feature to manage your entire web app catalogue of items from a single Excel file


  • Allow customers to book into events
  • Automatically manage capacity
  • Use inbuilt follow-ups framework to remind attendees of upcoming events
  • Collect payments with bookings
  • Customize the landing page customers see after booking
  • Customize auto responder email sent to customers after they make a booking
  • Sophisticated customer report generator to allow to generate and save booking-related reports

POP Email

  • POP3 email. Use with Outlook, Thunderbird or any other popular email program
  • Web mail interface
  • Unlimited Aliases for each mailbox
  • Catch-all address
  • Out of Office Auto Responder
  • Mail Forwarding

Other Features


  • Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap. A daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximum exposure in the search engines
  • Search engine feed also includes every catalogues and products
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs. Catalogue and product names used in URLs to maximize search engine friendliness


  • Web-based Admin
  • FTP
  • Import / Export options
  • Work directly inside Dreamweaver using our plugin Triangle
  • Extensive Web Services framework

Administrative Tools

  • Easily add and manage Users and Roles
  • Customize granular permission levels for a role
  • Create your corporate taxonomy and assign content to various categories for easier publishing
  • Customize and extend the Customer Database to suit your business

Business Workflow Engine

  • Create and Build Business Workflows to automate follow-up
  • Create single or multi-step workflows
  • Be notified via Email or SMS
  • Set SLA's (Service Level Agreements)
  • Set duration and reminders for every step of the workflow
  • Set escalation rules
  • Setup 3rd party notifications to notify customers as you internally progress through a workflow
  • Apply workflows to customer enquiries, orders, bookings as well as for content approval

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