For Designers

Complete Creative Freedom

Create your own masterpiece. Every part of the system is 100% customizable! You can build stunning templates for your client's online business and HTML Email campaigns. You can customize all eCommerce pages and information and show only whats necessary. You can also add custom fields to forms and setup approval workflows for content submission or customer enquiries. Its all in your hands!

Be A Coder. Without Coding.

Our Web Apps feature allows non-programmers to build amazing functionality in minutes using a point and click approach.

XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash Support

Use any front-end technology you like, from java applets to flash games, javascript to CSS. In many ways, IgniteBusiness is just like your old hosting - we've just made a whole bunch of things easier. Plus, our modules and the code the system produces is 100% XHTML compliant.

  • One Stop For Online Success.

    Content management, email marketing and online shopping. Integrated contact management and in depth analytics.

  • Built For Business.

    IgniteBusiness focuses on what matters to a business owner, which helps your clients get a faster return on their investment.

  • Use Dreamweaver and FTP.

    You can FTP pages and use our Dreamweaver plugin that connects directly to the system.

  • Easily Manageable For Clients.

    Your clients can edit their site, shop and email campaigns themselves - and not bug you.

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